Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in the big MW what what!!!!

Wowowowowow So, I must beg, plead and otherwise ask forgiveness for my egregious lack of blogging. Sorry all, I have been a bit busy. “What?” you ask incredulously, “Too busy for your thousands of devoted readers?” “Well”, I respond bemusedly, “First of all stop exaggerating, Secondly, yes I have been busy but mainly I just didn’t take time to write my blog.” “Oh,” you respond understandingly “well what has been going on then?” So here it is, in response to your questions and wonderings; a bit of my life.

For all of you who contributed to Camp Sky thank you so very much. It went VERY well aside from a bit of theft and a pretty scary time involving an HIV exposure scare (it ended up being no problem) it went off with a bang. The student enjoyed themselves and I speak for other teachers when I say that I enjoyed doing the first bit of real science that I have had a chance to do in the classroom as of yet. Ian, MaryBeth and I team taught a physical science class and were able to do some inquiry based labs that worked out really well. I really enjoyed it. I think that I can say from a teaching science perspective it is the first time I have really enjoyed teaching in Malawi just from a teaching/learning perspective (there have been plenty of classes that I have enjoyed but this was the first time that students were able to go beyond the material etc.) unfortunately, in my classes at site, they are too big and the students aren’t remotely motivated and I don’t have 2 other teachers to help.

After Camp Sky I headed for the US of A, and for anyone who didn’t know (which at the time I am pretty sure it was just Sarah), I proposed to Sarah at the airport making use of a basketball team who was on the same plane with me. She did not say yes….. as a matter of fact she yelled YEAH!!! So we are engaged. Huzzah!!! Lord willing, we will be getting married on August 1st in Lubbock, going on a week long honeymoon (Mexico???) and then embarking on a 3+ month long honeymoon in Beautiful Malawi, Africa. It will be the last 3 months or so of my service in Malawi and our first 3 months of marriage. I am looking forward to it. the best thing about all of this, I have the best excuse EVER to skip out on wedding planning (just kidding Sarah).
Anyhoo, I don’t have time for more now because I have to ride back the 13 Km to my house before the rain hits. We are in FULL swing of rainy season now and everything is SO green. I love y’all and if able any prayers sent our way for the 7 months of separation before the wedding and our upcoming marriage will be much appreciated. Thanks and Zabwino Zonse (all the best)


A Khudori Soleh said...

salam to Malawi

sarita said...

soo excited for you! still a little jealous that you live in Malawi... I'm glad you got a chance to do "real science" - it's pretty fun eh : ). Glad to hear everything is going so well too!